Why you got fat

Perhaps not the most "polite" way of wording it, but this video explains in a very simple and visual way how carbs are mean.

Look at those colours!

It's like autumn leaves in a cast iron pan.


There's no place like home

After a long, rather tedious day, it is so lovely to be greeted by pretty things.

Just because

Percy is so damn cute!

It's been a long weekend

Back after 7 days... it was quite the Friday night! Phew!

After working out I went to a new restaurant in my neighbourhood, Table 10. I had a lovely steak with roasted root vegetables and truffle butter on top. Mmmmh, good! A bottle of red was shared, so I have to give myself a point for that "cheat"... Oh well, it was worth it!
And then the night got crazy... More friends, more talking, more wine.... more points. And a massive hangover on Saturday. Which I cured by eating perogies... for breakfast... and for supper.... Ya. Major oops.

But I got my life back together on Sunday and roasted some pork chops with some onions, carrots and parsnips. I need to add some diversity to my vegetable choices...

I was a good girl until my university friend came for a visit and then I indulged in, not one, but two deserts on Wednesday. Oops again.
Lacking creativity, but oh so tasty!


Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast!

I had breakfast for supper last night; bacon with spinach and eggs - Yummy!

Today I started out with half a pear with almond/cashew butter to keep me going until my breakfast meeting (so many breakfasts!)
We went to the best dinner in Regina, the Novia cafe, for their delicious and affordable special. Choice of meat with 2 eggs, potatoes and toast, with coffee (I substituted the toast for tomato slices.)

We ate pretty late, so I'm holding off on eating my "chili" until a bit later in the afternoon. Hopefully that will be enough to get me through my 6:30 workout. I have some pork chops thawing at home.


Meals to go

Last night I prepared some "chili" for my next few meals. I ate some for breakfast, I'm lunching on some more right now, and I'm bringing one dish to the gym with me tonight to snack on while I coach.

Ground beef with carrots, parsnips, onions, green peppers, some spices, and all topped off with a dash of balsamic vinegar. It's not the most flavourful dish I've made, but I'm calling it "hearty"!
Meal size glass containers make me happy.


DAY 2: breakfast

I will probably get sick of eating the same thing for supper, breakfast and lunch after a few weeks, but right now, it's just so nice to have homemade delicious food ready for me!

So for the first meal of day two, I'm enjoying leftover chicken with grapes and onions & a couple of fried eggs. And of course a tasty cup of espresso with raw cream.
I'm still undecided about the whole dairy issue. If I want to maximize my weight shedding I should stop consuming dairy and cut way down on fruit as well. I don't think I can quit the cream in my coffee, but maybe I can limit myself to that?
We'll see how it goes after a few more days.

Yes, that's a basket of eggs.

And the numbers are in...

All on the left side:

Bicep: 12 1/4
Bust: 36 1/2
Waist: 31 1/2
Hips: 35 1/4
Badonkadonk: 40
Culotte de ch'val: 39 3/8
Above knee: 18
Calf: 12 5/8

I'll save the pictures for the end...


DAY 1: lunch

The key to staying on track with this challenge is packing lunches. I work downtown and the restaurant choices are limitless, but all terrible!
I've brought the last of my pork chops with roasted parsnips, carrots and onion for lunch today.

On my way home from work I will stop by Safeway for grapes to make a delicious chicken recipe (I even remembered to take out the meat from the freezer this morning!)
Roasted chicken, grapes, onion - mmm!
It's a good first day!

It's a new year

Yep, 46 days late, I'm posting for the first time in 2011.

Just in time for (and mainly because of) the latest Paleo/Primal challenge at flux CrossFit. It's going to be a tough one, but I am super motivated to "stay clean" for the whole 12 weeks.

Until May 10th, for 84 days, I need to sleep well, eat well, and workout regularly.

I usually feel like crap unless I get 8 hours of sleep (and going to bed at 1AM does not promote a good night's sleep), so I've challenged myself to be ready to catch some Zzzs at 10:15 each night, unless it's the weekend and I can sleep in.
The actual challenge is diet based, so I have to cut out sugars, grains, anything that spikes insulin; AKA carbs. We "earn" 1 point every time we cheat; low score wins.

A big part of this challenge is about performance. The idea is that if your diet is clean, you sleep well, and workout at least 3 times/ week, your performance and strength will increase (makes sense, right?)

DAY 1: I've taken my before pictures, I slept 8.5 hours last night and ate a super breakfast (leftover pork chop, roasted carrots & parsnips, 2 eggs, and yummy espresso with raw cream).
kitty mug!
I still have to get my measurements down, but I'm off to a good start!