It's a new year

Yep, 46 days late, I'm posting for the first time in 2011.

Just in time for (and mainly because of) the latest Paleo/Primal challenge at flux CrossFit. It's going to be a tough one, but I am super motivated to "stay clean" for the whole 12 weeks.

Until May 10th, for 84 days, I need to sleep well, eat well, and workout regularly.

I usually feel like crap unless I get 8 hours of sleep (and going to bed at 1AM does not promote a good night's sleep), so I've challenged myself to be ready to catch some Zzzs at 10:15 each night, unless it's the weekend and I can sleep in.
The actual challenge is diet based, so I have to cut out sugars, grains, anything that spikes insulin; AKA carbs. We "earn" 1 point every time we cheat; low score wins.

A big part of this challenge is about performance. The idea is that if your diet is clean, you sleep well, and workout at least 3 times/ week, your performance and strength will increase (makes sense, right?)

DAY 1: I've taken my before pictures, I slept 8.5 hours last night and ate a super breakfast (leftover pork chop, roasted carrots & parsnips, 2 eggs, and yummy espresso with raw cream).
kitty mug!
I still have to get my measurements down, but I'm off to a good start!

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