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I'm now at the part where people tell me all that's wrong with my house... Yippee?!

My realtor recommended:
  • Reiney Walters of Calibre
  • Victor Teece of Expertise Home Inspection
  • Jim Nichols of House Master
And these two for the sewer inspection:
  • Atlas Sewer
  • Barry's
The general inspector will then tell me if anything else needs to be looked at further. Like if he doesn't feel comfortable giving the okay on electrical, he would recommend an electrical contractor to come check things out.
I'm hoping I get good people to look over the house. That they give me a comprehensive list of what needs to be done and when. And maybe even an approximate price tag on all the fixes for me to plan out my spending for the next 25 years...

I'll review the service I get from the inspectors later.

I also have to go back to my mortgage broker (Claire O'Donnell) who I haven't seen since getting pre-approved at the end of April.
She was recommended to me by my lawyer/family friend Glen Dowling.
Claire is great; easy to talk to, smart, friendly, didn't shut the door in my face for showing up single, under 30 and with a 5% down-payment.

The house is a total mess; dirt on the walls, peach pits and cough drops smushed into the blue shag carpet, nails and screws on every surface.
I emailed an ecologically friendly cleaning service in Regina (EcoClean) to see how much it would cost to clean from ceiling to floorboards, in cupboards and closets, windows and walls. I got a quote back for $336 + GST - really?! I thought it would be soooo much more.
Mind you, they haven't seen the house...

My original offer was $19,900 under list price and it was countered with an extra $5,000 - which I accepted, granted they clean the place. I'm not expecting a miracle (hence the cleaning crew I want to hire), but it should be a good start.

to be continued...

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