New house, new project

If anyone out there actually reads this blog, you may be wondering what ever happened to the new house project.

Well the inspection didn't go as well as planned (much more expensive work to be done than anticipated), but I was still very interested in buying this project home - for the right price.
I went back to the seller with a much lower offer, which he turned down.

So I was back on the market!
My plan was to keep looking for another home, but keep my eye on the Montague project and make my low offer again, after it had been sitting vacant for a good long while.

Well, I found other houses! Many others! I made another offer (which wasn't' accepted) for a small, funny looking house on Osler Street in General Hospital.
It was very cute, very old, very unique. But, it had no garage and a small-ish lot. So I was not too heart-broken when I didn't get it. (It's still on the market by-the-way)

And then, oh boy, then a house went on the realtor portal (private site before it hits the general public on MLS.ca) at 3pm on July 23. I immediately asked my realtor for an appointment. It looked too good to be true; great location, good size, just the right price, pretty, no stupid renos that can't be undone, etc.
We got there at 6:30, and there had already been 2 showings and 2 more were scheduled after us.
I looked around, I love it, I thought about it for a few hours, and I put an offer in $5,000 above asking. An other offer went in at the same time as mine (hence the $5,000 extra), but they either put weird conditions or a low offer, because I got it!

Yay! I still need to get it inspected and all my financial paperwork done up, but this one is looking good!

Next up, find a roommate.

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