Whole 30 Day 25

February 29 - Day 25:
Coaching at 6am means getting up before 5am, making coffee, cooking breakfast, feeding cat, finding clothes, and being chipper before my alarm clock normally rings. Phew, quite the morning. All that, followed by a dentist appointment and a visit to the chiro.

I bought all the spices for the butter chicken recipe - trying that tonight!
I also went a bit crazy with the fancy nuts and dried fruit at Bulk Barn. It's hard to last til lunch when you had breakfast at 5:15am!
Update: too many dried fruits in my belly make it hurt.

Breakfast: eggs, decaf coffee
Lunch: the very last bit of shredded pork, butternut squash, blanched spinach & rainbow chard
Supper: stovetop version of the butter chicken that's in the slow cooker; with broccoli, rainbow chard & cauliflower


5 days until March 5.

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