Whole 30 Day 26

March 1 - Day 26:
I'm tired! I blame it on the dried fruit I at yesterday; it tore through my gut all last night - quite unpleasant.

I made a butter chicken recipe yesterday. A stated previously, I can't seem to follow instruction when cooking. I decided to make my own spice mixture instead of being "lazy" and using a pre-mixed, properly balanced and ground garam masala. Have you ever tried to grind 10 different spices in a motar pestle and have it come out fine? Ya, it's impossible. I thought of using cheese cloth in the slow-cooker, but I forgot to buy some, so... it's filled with spice chunks. Which is kinda gross.
I picked out bits of chicken for my lunch today, but I think I'll have to strain the rest of the sauce if I want to actually enjoy this recipe.

Breakfast: fried eggs with apple slices, decaf coffee
Lunch: butter chicken with steamed broccoli, cauliflower & rainbow chard
Supper: strained butter chicken

I didn't lift yesterday and I'm already feeling rusty! I'll try getting a snatch session in at lunch and some squats right before coaching tonight. We have a mock Oly meet scheduled for this weekend and I don't want to embarass myself! I've discovered that it takes me a few sessions of snatch and C&J to get "warmed up". Friday is ususally terrible, Saturday is okay, and I hit my stride on Sunday.
Can't wait until the new Flux space opens and I can start going to the mid-week Oly class again.

4 days until March 5.

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