My cracker/ chip/ party food experiment was a great success!

I made the sesame seed crackers for the birthday party, with a simple olivada to slather on top (all the crackers disappeared, and about a spoonful of spread was leftover), and some apple chips.

It took me pretty much all afternoon to make the two recipes, but that's because my oven isn't very hot (nor is it convection), so it took way longer than the prescribed cooking times to dry out/ crisp up the chips.

I also bought the ingredients for the eggplant chips, but the recipe requires them to dry for 8 hours, so I made them on Sunday instead. I brought some to work today and everyone loved them!

Both salty chips contain a lot of cheese, and everyone agreed that the parmesan is the dominant flavour, and what makes them so tasty. I will try to modify the recipes a bit to make them more paleo (less dairy) next time.

A few tips:
Squish the eggplant after blending to remove most of the water before stirring in the eggs. The water seeped onto the pan while cooking and made them softer/ took longer to cook.
I squeezed the second batch as I made lumps to put on the pan and they were much easier to flip.

Crispy crackers.
Eggplant wedges.

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