Lunch at work.

One of the key factors in being successful with this challenge (for me) is bringing my lunches to work. I eat out a lot when I'm downtown: A. Because I'm lazy. B. Umm... because I'm, lazy?
It's not that much more work to cook a bit too much food the night before and pack myself a lunch for the next day, it just takes a bit more planning.
Thursdays are my crazy day. I wake up around 6AM to eat breakfast before coaching the first workout at 7AM. I take the bus from flux CrossFit and go to my "real" job. After work I take the bus or walk (if it's not -35C) back to the gym to coach the evening classes, from 5:30 to 8:30.
It only ever feels tedious if I don't pack food and end up fasting (unwillingly) from lunch to late supper. I normally don't mind eating supper late, and it doesn't affect my mood or energy levels, but Thursday is the only day that I eat breakfast that early.
The moral of this story is that I have to pack lunch and supper on Thursdays, which means I have to get up extra early to get organized and make a breakfast.
Early on this week I made my "go-to" cabbage salad. I usually only make this recipe if I'm going to a potluck or having people over because it makes so much. But it also last a very long time in the fridge if I make the dressing for every meal instead of dumping it all in the bowl.

Cabbage salad for lunch, supper & snack.
Cabbage salad
1 purple cabbage
thinly sliced vegetables (as much or as little variety as wanted)
snow peas
bean sprouts
alfalfa sprouts

sesame seed oil
soy sauce or bragg liquid aminos
lime juice
fresh cilantro
sesame seeds (optional)
olive oil (optional)
tuna (optional)

Heat sesame seed oil in a large pan. Slice cabbage into thin piece and cook until soft, and brighter purple/ blue in colour. Slice other vegetables while the cabbage cooks. Toss in sliced veggies for the last minute to soften them up (carrots take a bit longer, so put them in before the sprouts).
To make the salad a main course (with protein) add tuna to the dressing (1/2 can per portion).
To taste, combine liquid ingredients, mostly oil and lime juice, dash of soy sauce/ bragg's, teaspoon of honey, teaspoon of cilantro. Toss everything together.
It's a colourful, sweet & tangy, crunchy salad.

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