Playing catch up

I'm working really hard on the idea of intermittent fasting. Eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not. Makes sense right? But if you tell someone that you're eating healthy & you skipped lunch, they'll gasp in shock and horror (okay, maybe not). It seems "bad" to skip a meal, but if you word it like the above statement, it makes so much sense to not eat at prescribed times.

When I get caught up in my work, I lose track of time. That's why I often eat "lunch" around 3:30. It actually works out pretty well because then I'm still satiated from my late lunch to take me through a 5:30 or 6:30 workout. When I get home I eat a quick snack (slice of pear with nut butter) to keep me going while I cook up a slab of meat. Perfect!

All that to say that I worked from home yesterday so I only ate one meal. Breakfast for supper! Bacon and eggs at 4:30, then I worked out at 6:30. It was perfect!
I also indulged in fruit (probably too much).

Wednesday: breakfast for supper.
Monday & Tuesday: NY strip loin, fried onions and root vegetables.

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