My wine list

I can never remember which wines I like, love, or detest; I can always only remember which ones I bought, but not what they tasted like.
Hence this post, where I will post pictures of wine bottles, and my humble opinion of their contents. For future reference.
#1: Red Bicyclette, Merlot, France: tasty (3.5 / 5)
#2: Folonari, Verona, Italy: undecided... (2 / 5)
Banrock Station, Shiraz, Australia: Not for me! (1 / 5)
Penfolds Rawson's Retreat, Shiraz Cabernet, Australia: Not Bad! (3 / 5)
^^ I tried this wine when I had a pretty bad cold and was very congested; I thought it was disgusting. Now that my sinuses have cleared up, I like it!

Trivento Reserve, Syrah, Argentina: up for review (? / 5)

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