So I may have bought a house


I bought my little car exactly one year ago, and last night I put in an offer on a house!

What massive life-changing event will happen to me June 15th, 2014? (don't answer that)

The sellers countered with $5,000 above what I offered, and I accepted conditional to them cleaning, and getting a roof/furnace/house/sewer/gas line inspection done.
Little cottage in a forest
Now my head is spinning with ideas and I need to start documenting or I'll forget all my brilliant plans!

Professional work:
  • Shingles (rotting boards?) and ice-damming prevention
  • Eaves
  • Grate around house and take out tree that's growing in front of living room window
  • Bathroom plumbing/electrical?
  • Moisture-proof subfloor and walls
  • Install new bath + tiles
  • Rip up carpets
  • Pull out the bazillion nails/screws that are all over the walls (FREAKY!) inside/outside/trees/basement
  • Wash walls, ceilings, windows, cupboards, closets, etc. (there are peach pits in the entrance that the selling agent is supposed to take care of)
  • Demo bathroom - I can live with a weird and outdated kitchen (once sanitized), but I can't shower without sandals on in that bathroom...
  • Refinish hard wood? We'll see what it looks like once the carpet comes up
  • Paint EVERYTHING white - I need a blank slate
  • Scrape paint off wood siding/window ledges/soffit
  • Paint wood siding/window ledges/soffit
Stuff to buy:
  • Washer & dryer
  • Fridge? Maybe... depending how old/energy efficient the current one is. And how clean...
  • Windows? When a good sale with financing comes up perhaps

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