Whole 30 Day 9

February 13 - Day 9:
Monday morning; it's a new week.

Drinking tea today. I totally cut dairy from my diet and that has inadvertently made me stop drinking coffee. Which reminds me, I should clean my coffee pot...
The only thing I miss is a tasty & strong latte. I can't drink that right now anyway, so might as well just not drink coffee at all!

I dumped some coconut milk in the leftover broth from the slow cooker to make "gravy" for the shredded beef. We'll see how that taste at lunch. (update: it was delicious!)

Breakfast: Cool Springs Ranch bacon and eggs
Lunch: shredded beef with leftover roasted veggies (the brussel sprouts batch)
Supper: probably more shredded beef? (updated: with eggs and fried apple bites sprinkled with cinnamon)

Back squats at lunch. It's finally paying off! Squatting on my lunch break every day is starting to make a difference. My goal of a 200lbs back squat is just right over there. I can see it! Yay!

21 days until March 5.
15lbs til a "decent" back squat


  1. Great work Ariane. Already more than 1 week into your challenge! Keep it up.

    I'm impressed that you gave up coffee. That would be very challenging for me.

    Only good things from this point on. Do you have anymore energy? Noticeable changes?

    1. Thanks!

      The coffee thing was a total fluke - I probably couldn't/wouldn't do it if it was a rule.

      I don't know about changes... I am going to bed earlier, so I'm sleeping more. I'm planning my meals, so I'm more organized.

      All these things are good, and I guess they stem from the Whole30 in a way, so I'm not complaining!