Whole 30 Day 3

February 7 - Day 3:
I'm getting a cold and feel like garbage. Not a good start.

Breakfast: eggs, leftover veggie meatballs, avocado, tea
Lunch: pork chops slow cooked with onions, bok choy, broccoli
Supper: same as lunch

This challenge isn't very different from how I was eating before, so how is it that I'm starving even though I'm eating more than enough food? It's been a very frustrating day; mostly because I'm hungry right after meals, but also because there was no room for me to workout at the 4:40 class. I changed, warmed up, started squatting and then had to give up my bar.
Instant bad mood and headache. My emotions rule my life...

27 days until March 5.

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