Whole 30 Day 12

February 16 - Day 12:
Quite the morning... locked myself out of a running borrowed car when I was leaving for chiro appointment #2. Lots of running around (actually sprinting) knocking on doors, waking people up, calls across the country to locate spare keys, to finally just call a tow truck and wait around in the back alley for my rescuer. Got myself to the chiro in the end, and to work only 2 hours late.

Let's hope the rest of the day goes a bit better...

Breakfast: bacon & eggs
Lunch: cock-a-leekie soup. (it didn't go mushy overnight, deliciousness is still to be determined)
Supper: no-longer-cock-a-leekie soup

Yesterday's recipe was a flop; totally tasteless. I'll add a can of coconut milk tonight and blend the whole thing. It certainly won't make it worse!
Update: Coconut milk makes everything better! I added a can and some curry powder; blended the whole thing, and now it's not so bad! Yay!

Back squats at lunch.
I discovered yesterday that if I stretch my hamstrings between reps, my SI doesn't scream as much. I'll try doing that today and see if it helps.

18 days until March 5.

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