Whole 30 Day 2

February 6 - Day 2:
Training at work during my lunch break. I did Front Squats yesterday, so I'll be doing Back Squats today. I'll also go to Oly class tonight at 7pm.

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, black coffee
Lunch: leftover "vegan delight" with tons of hardboiled eggs
Supper: breakfast for supper - no time to cook - eggs, bacon, avocado

Work lunch #1: vegan delight + eggie protein
Back Squats at lunch were okay. Maxed at 175lbs (79.5kg), down sets at 155lbs (70.5kg)
Evening session: snatch up to 110lbs super easy, then went up too fast to 115lbs and failed. Tried 113lbs a few times, then back to 110 lbs with no luck. Down sets at 103lbs.
Front Squats to 145lbs, failed 150lbs, down sets at 135lbs. If this happens again I will do my down sets at 140lbs.

We've also decided that I have low testosterone levels. I have a hard time accessing my central nervous system (what's supposed to be fired up when lifting HEAVY singles).
Gotta work on that?

28 days until March 5.

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