First big girl rip!

I doesn't look like much anymore because I cut off the flap of skin, but I got my first CrossFit tear yesterday. Aptly enough it was in my first CrossFit Games event.
I've been "fluxing" for almost two years and have had many calluses and bruises, but never thought I would tear my hand because they are usually caused when doing kipping pull-ups, and... I am no where near close to getting one of those.
All that to say that in the first event (AMRAP 10 mins; 30 D.U., 15 Power Snatches) I ripped my hand in my third round of snatches.
The Games are in an "Open" format this year. Meaning that anyone, anywhere, can participate in the Regional selection round.
We have to submit our official scores for the WOD of the week every Sunday afternoon. This was the first week and it was way busier than the organizers anticipated. The website was flooded and they had to extend the first deadline to next week. Which means that we have time to try the first workout again!

First big girl rip! by ariane.desrosiers

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