Whole 30 Day 20

February 24 - Day 20:
Phew, that was a long Friday. This week didn't feel like the short, post-long weekend week that I wanted it to.

Breakfast: eggs with the last of my Cool Springs Ranch bacon :(
Lunch: went to the Mediterranean Bistro. Service was so-so; we were the only patrons in the whole place and it still took 50 mins to get our food from the time we ordered. Quite expensive too. I had a beet, orange & fennel salad with additional chicken.
Supper: mmm roast! Put it in last night, shredded it this morning, simmered the liquid all day, added splash of balsamic vinegar - tasty! And brussel sprout "chips".

Oly class tonight. I'm exhausted, we'll see how it goes.

10 days until March 5.

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