End of year depression

I've fallen off the wagon - big time.

The 12 week challenge last spring was a life changer. I've always cared about my food sources, cooking, meal planning, but tracking all of these things really kept me going during the challenge and well after if was done. Summer flew by and I was still a "hard-core" paleo eater.
And then fall came. I quit my job. I got a new job. A job that requires a commute, car-pooling, packing a lunch, and waking up at 6:30 every day.
All these things are actually good when it comes to a paleo lifestyle. (For me) it helps to be scheduled & organized. I cook on the weekend and pack meal-sized containers that can last for a few days. That way I always have something to grab from the fridge when I'm heading out the door at 7:30. I'm not very good at cooking a lunch and feeding myself at the start of the day. It's also great to have prepared meals on nights that I coach at the gym. I get cranky and moody and feel faint if I don't eat and it's usually too late to start a "project" once I get home.

So all that is good. Then corporate Christmas happened. WTF? I've never seen so many gift baskets filled with mediocre quality chocolate and candy in my life. Right outside my office door!
I pretty much feel sick all the time. Sugar highs (and lows), drowsy, not sleeping well, sick, sniffly, and to top it all off, no time to go to the gym (not really because of the gift baskets...)

I have a headache and pockets full of snotty kleenex as I type this. It's depressing!

So. New Year's goal. Weightloss is probably the most typical resolution that people set when the year rolls around. I've done it before. Never works!

So my goal is to start blogging again. Because if I want to blog, I have to cook, I have to plan, and I have to have stuff to write about! And if I'm busy typing during my breaks at work, my fingers will be too busy to eat the crappy snacks that are so readily available here.

Just because I'm also thinking these things, I will write them down:

-lose The Gut
-under 63 kg (138lbs)
-wear a singlet
-back squat over 200lbs
-clean out kitchen cupboards

These are my "secondary resolutions"; things that I know can happen if I stick to my actual resolution and maintain my blog.

This probably seems like a convoluted and round-about way to get back on the healthy track, but as everyone at flux knows, I have mental issues, and "tricking" myself might just be the only way to do this!

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