the roast beast got the best of me

I think I trusted my meat thermometer too much... My pork loin roast is overcooked!
The spices and vegetables turned out perfectly; delicious flavour, perfectly roasted. But the roast is dry!

I am so incredibly disappointed by this... I put it in the oven before going to the gym and checked it after 1.25 hours; the thermometer wasn't even reading a temp yet!
So I put it in for longer, and longer, and longer. And I took it out 5-10 degrees short of 165F so that it could sit and settle and reach it's ideal temperature...

But alas! The trusty meat thermometer has fooled me.

I don't know if experience will get me to the point of knowing when meat is done, but I find it so frustrating to wait and wait, only to find an overcooked piece of meat in the oven.
And it looked perfect!

How does one know?
Perfect pork temp
Fooled by a thermometer...
The roast beast
So juicy looking - not!

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