The points.

I guess I've started to accumulate... so I have to track my points.
I will add all my cheats to this post from now on.

February 18: Wine with supper (+1)
February 18: Drinks, drinks, drinks (+5)
February 19: Two perogie meals (+5)
February 23: 1/2 Coco Patisserie lemon tart (+2)
February 23: Sweetest cheesecake ever (+5)
February 26: Gin & water (+2)
February 28: Glass of wine (+1) all these birthday parties are killing me!
March 5: Wine & Beer (!) and.... Cheesies (+10) an epic fail on my part to only eat paleo snacks...
March 13: Crepes (+5) Sunday brunch with Grandma, how could I say no?

Running total: +36

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